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Friday, February 04, 2011

A boy and his water hose

Tyler cut off this piece of water hose and it has become Keithy's main source of comfort. If ever he falls down, hurts himself, or doesn't get his way - he immediately asks for his water hose. At nighttime, he sleeps with his water hose. In fact, he lays the hose on top of his eyes. We have found him asleep this way and it's so adorable.

A month ago, Keith and I looked at pictures of water hoses online. His favorite color is the yellow water hose. I printed a paper of various colored water hoses and Keith carried that paper around everywhere. I decided to look for a book about water hoses, but when I found that there weren't any, I made him one on shutterfly. It's SO cute! And he loves it, which makes me feel good.


nicole said...

Aww, so cute. It's so funny what kids latch on to! Benny has his own quirky favorites too. :)

Winnie said...

Weird he'd pick a water hose, but when I think about the "toys" the kids had back in his baby house they were like rubber dog squeaky toys so maybe it's a texture thing. Does he like toys of that texture better than a soft teddy bear?

Deena said...

Love it.

Jill said...


Keith loves cords and water, so the water hose was the perfect combination of the two. :D

Sarah C said...

That is so cute. I remember talking to him on the phone and he was so excited to tell me about the water hose. I am sure he loves the book you made him.