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Friday, February 11, 2011

Hi there

Hi there. I'm still alive. Although, with my sleep study last night, I don't feel 100% today, but that's okay. We all have days like that. (right?!) Anna has been taking piano lessons for a few months now, however, I am very frustrated (and surprised) with how she's made it this far without learning the notes...tonight, I found this website and she had to spend 30 minutes on the treble clef and 30 minutes on the bass clef. She wasn't pleased about her hour-long practice, but it was nice to see her practicing such a key tool in learning to play the piano.

Tyler has been busy all day today. He thankfully got the kids ready for school - since I was exhausted from the sleep study - but other than that, he's been busy with various things. Normally, I don't mind. But today? I'm so's a picture of Tyler and a flag we recently bought for outside. It's a bit bigger than I had in mind, but I love seeing it blowing in the wind. I am so grateful to be an American.

The other day, Tyler was heading to Lowe's to buy something. I asked him to PLEASE get Keithy a hose to play with on the fort. Here's a video afterwards.


The McEacherns said...

I've been meaning to get a flag for our house, too. Thanks for reminding me!

Hevel said...

I hope you are feeling better.

If you excuse me, I have a totally off topic question. I heard some unconfirmed news that there is now an LDS branch in Tel Aviv, and I need to find out where and when they meet. The when is mostly whether they meet on Saturday or Sunday. Do you know how I could find it out?


Jill said...

Hevel - Here is the information that I found:

Leader: Branch President Albania

972 2-626-5666

972 3-681-5263,otherwards&id=487880,wards&find={c:"Tel+Aviv-Yafo",s:"Tel+Aviv",n:"Israel",lat:32.05901674926281,lng:34.7631910443306,z:12}

Hevel said...

Thank you, Jill. I'm not even sure if it's good news or bad news that the phone hasn't been answered: Good that there are really meetings in TA and were in meetings yesterday, or bad that they are not having meeting in TA, in which case my guests will have to drive to Jerusalem. On the Shabbat.

Deena said...

I love his new hose. awesome.