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Monday, March 21, 2011

A poem about speech disorders

My stepdad, "Grandpa Bob", was a poet. He wrote so many poems during his time on earth. In 1999, he passed away. I miss him everyday. Today I would like to share one of those poems with you:

Speech Disorders

Once upon a time, they say,

A boy who looked like me,

Had a friend named Larry,

And just great pals were we.

We’d play al sorts of games each day,

What e’er we could devise.

Sometimes we would be cowboys

Or astronauts or spies.

Sometimes we’d just lie around

And look up at the sky,

See the puffy clouds up there,

And wish that we could fly.

Larry was the same as me,

In oh, so many ways.

We did a lot of things alike;

In fun we’d pass the days.

In one way we were different though,

He didn’t talk like me,

In fact, some words he said stood out,

Like saying “twee” for “tree”

Rabbits he called “wabbits”

Straw came out like “stwaw”

He could sing, “Wo, Wo Your Boat”,

Or cheer, “Hip Hip, Huwwaw”

Larry went to therapy,

To learn his “R’s to say

It took him quite a little while

To change the “gway” to “gray”:

I never laughed at him one time,

Was loyal to the end

How he talked I didn’t care

You see, he was my “fwiend”.


Stephanie said...

Love it!!!

Steph said...

How sweet! As a mother of a child that suffered severe speech delays I really appreciate the poem. Thanks for sharing. :)