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Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Soccer Practice

Today I took all three of my children to their first ever soccer practice. Anna was on one field (with kids from 7-9 yrs) and the twins were on another field (with kids 5-6 yrs). I think it was a success.

Anna said it was awful. She wasn't too thrilled about playing soccer. She wanted to play softball, but not enough kids signed up for it, so we switched to soccer. I hope she will enjoy it more after a few practices.

This was Keith's first attempt at a sport. Not even two minutes in the practice, I realized that Keith wasn't understanding any of the requests of the coach. I got out on the field and tried to help him do what they were asking, but Keith was becoming frustrated. He just wanted to do his own thing. He saw a field of soccer balls and he just wanted to play. So, that's pretty much all he did. He did kick the ball some and that was fun to watch. I started feeling sad that he isn't able to enjoy the sport as a typical 6 year old would enjoy it. Because of his rough first 4 1/2 years, he's the way he is now. Of course, he is 100 times better now, I know that, but it just made me sad that he isn't able to understand the rules of the game, or how to stay in a line, or how to kick the ball back and forth with a partner. I am super proud of him and what he is able to do, I just wonder "what if's" sometimes about how things would have been different for him if he had been let out of that crib, if he had had some therapy, & some love early in his life. Ah, well, I'm grateful to have him as my son and despite what he doesn't know about soccer, he had a great time out there today. And that's all the counts.

Iryna surprised me in how well she did. She is normally a bit weak in her lower trunk area - meaning, she gets tired if she does a lot of running, jumping, kicking, etc. Today, she ran and kicked and ran and kicked and never stopped! I've never seen her sweat that much before. It was clear that she was enjoying herself. Gymnastics has been overwhelming her, so I pulled her from it. But now I think we have found a great sport for Iryna.

Check out the pictures! I didn't get any of Anna - will get some at the next practice. Any recommendations where to buy soccer shorts, shin guards, and cleats online for kids?


Joseph and Kamber said...

Try your second hand store first. I always seem to find some of what I need to get my 4 ready for soccer each year. And at a fraction of the cost.

Anonymous said...

Regarding sports: not my thing. But I love volleyball. That being said, if Anna doesn't care for soccer, see if you can find a summer softball league. She might have to do baseball, which will mean fewer girls, but sometimes that's not a bad thing.

For Keith, he may simply be enough of a loner that he doesn't have an internal need for group sports. I'd suggest getting him a soccer ball to kick around the yard, and maybe you can find him a team that is less structured for the competitive side, and he can just run around while other kids run around.

This sounds fantastic for Iryna! You've mentioned that she is sometimes klutzy, so this might help. And she loves it, so definitely go for it and keep her in.

Way to go, getting the kids outside and running around! I hope things only get better and more exciting!


Katie said...

I wouldn't buy them online. You can get shin guards at WalMart. I go to Dick's for cleats and shorts.

Anna is old enough that she is playing with kids who have been in the sport for awhile and take it seriously, which is probably intimidating her. It will be the same for softball if she hasn't played it yet. Tell her that she made a commitment to this season and her team is depending on her to have enough players, but if she decides after one season that she truly dislikes it, you won't make her sign up again.

Sarah C said...

FUN! I hope all three of them have a great soccer season. Iryna looks so cute in the first picture.

Stephanie said...

Do they have a 3/4 yr old group? Maybe you can get permission for Keith to be in that group? They work more on the basics ad running around and having fun playing. It might be more appropriate for him. And a lot more fun!

Annie said...

I love soccer! I agree with the first comment - try a thrift store first. I've had pretty good luck finding what we need there. And if it turns out you don't stick with it, you won't have wasted much. Plus, kids grow so fast that you'll have to keep buying bigger sizes.

coach Kurt said...

I love sports as such. It's something that helps you relax and keeps your body and soul fit and fine. It's great that you encourage your kids to play sports while most parents want their kids to excel in academics!! Way to go Soccer Mom!! Keep it up!! Encourage your kids!! they'll definitely make you proud one fine day!!