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Thursday, June 30, 2011

Surprise Adoption Baby Shower!

So we have a GNO that meets once a month - I'm actually the one who started here in my ward. I enjoy GNO. I look forward to them. I also tend to let other people choose where/what we do for them. For the GNO in June, my friend, Nichole, chose THE MELTING POT. I had never been and I was bit leary of what I'd heard concering it: expensive, not much food so you leave hungry, etc. I considered backing out of the GNO, but Nichole is a close friend of mine and she offered to pick me up - so we went together.

On the drive there, she had me read a text from our friend, Amanda, because Nichole was driving and she wanted to know what Amanda had written. She said she wasn't coming to the GNO that night but had a gift for me. I was like, "what is that about?" Nichole grabbed the phone from me and said, "nothing!" I thought it was strange as my birthday is months away and I didn't expect gifts from my friends for that...

Then when we arrived at the MELTING POT, it clicked. This was a baby shower for ME. Yikes. I was totally unprepared for it. Normally baby showers are a happy thing - but not for me. You see, I had a baby shower back when I was pregnant with Anna. It was very poorly attended and I felt like that meant that no one really cared about me. Then, we started struggling with infertility. I felt guilty that I was jealous that my friends were becoming pregnant with their second/third/fourth babies. I felt so guilty, in fact, that I began throwing baby showers for them to show that it didn't bother me. I didn't want for them to feel uncomfortable, so I made myself uncomfortable. I would throw fabulous baby showers and then go home and sob. Tyler finally had had enough of it, so he banned me from attending baby showers. And that's been the case for the past 2-3 years. It makes it easier for me.

So, a wave of emotions came over me. At first there was only 5 of us and I had nightmares of this shower also being poorly attended. Then 5 more ladies came and it felt nice. I received many gifts for Calvin and Silas. It was so nice of everyone to attend this shower that Nichole put together without my knowledge. She didn't know about my history with baby showers prior to the shower, itself. I'm grateful for my friendships here and for all the support that I've received with this adoption. :)

Nichole & I

4 fondue pots!

Sonia & Nichole

Ashley, Malina, Joan, & Michelle

S'mores chocolate fondue

Oh, so I should probably mention what I thought of THE MELTING POT. I like the atmosphere. It was very expensive. I loved the teriyaki beef and the s'mores fondue was amazing. Yum. But, if I ever go back - just the s'mores fondue for me, thanks. A BIG THANK YOU to Nichole for organizing this shower and for everyone who attended. :)


Joseph and Kamber said...

I had a dear friend throw me an orphanage shower where I was able to take the gifts to the orphanage. It was a huge help in getting things for the kids that were left behind and since I didn't need anything for the kids we were bringing home it worked out great. I'm glad you had a great night.

Carina said...

That is so sweet of your friends to do that for you! I'm glad you have such good friends and that it was a good experience this time around. Love you!

Queen Mother said...

I understand about the baby showers..boy, do I understand!! I'll often get asked to make the cake for them. I will drop off the cake in the morning and not attend the shower. It is just too hard.
I really wish I could have been there! And hey, the Melting Pot is awesome..only I'm different than you, I could take the dessert and main course and leave it. I'm all about the first course of the cheese. YUMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM. I like the cheddar fondue.

Darting Family said...

I'm glad that you enjoyed yourself. I'm also glad that we have become great friends and we can push each other to do things. Next time I will find out if you are uncomfortable with anything I plan and then try to make it more enjoyable. :-)