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Tuesday, September 13, 2011

A day at the beach (we have a lot of these)

The kids had a blast in the waves. They ask everyday if we can go to the beach. 

Tyler has become much more skilled with surfing in the past year. He is already mourning the loss of the sport when we move next summer. :(

Keith not wanting to take a picture, or at least smile for the picture...

The water is something that I absolutely love here in FL. We see it all the time and when I went to OK, it surprised me how much I missed seeing it! I will miss it when we move. 

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Mary said...

Looks like fun! I live near plenty of beaches, too, but they're too cold to swim in (or even be on, really) unless it's between the months of June and August :-)

Wait, you guys are moving? It seems like just yesterday you moved to FL! Where are you moving next?