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Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Tonight's the night!

The CHRISTMAS IN SEPTEMBER auction ends tonight at 11pm EST. Thank you all for your support and generosity in our endeavors to raise money to bring Calvin & Silas home. There are a few items that haven't been bid upon, almost all of them being adoption-related items. I thought that posting the pictures and links here would allow you to see what's available still and maybe you or someone you know would like to have them.

Adoption Card. Click here to view.

Adoption Day Card. Click here to view.

Gotcha Day Card. Click here to view.

There are other adoption-related items that are on the auction:

Mother in many languages necklace. Click here to view.

Adoption onesie (custom made - choose country and heart location). Click here to view.

Forever Love Original 8x10 (custom made - choose country and heart location). Click here to view. 

Give Hope Africa Adoption T-shirt (Unisex). Click here to view.

Gotcha Day Blessing Book. Click here to view.

Loopy Russia Bows. Click here to view.

Personalized Wood and Sterling Pendant Necklace. Click here to view.

Welcome Home Adoption/Birthday Party - Full Printable Party Collection - African/Zoo Theme. Click here to view.

Women's Give Hope Africa Adoption T-shirt. Click here to view.

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