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Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Ukrainian Quilt

Back in June, I did a fundraiser for our Russian adoption. When I was in Ukraine adopting our twins, I picked up some white material at a fabric store in Mariupol. I had thought that I would make clothes for the twins for our Temple Sealing, however, that didn't happen. My mom volunteered to use the material and make a log cabin quilt top. I put the batting and backing on it, hand tied it (no rack, no help, just me...) and then when I finally got my sewing machine working properly, I finished the edges. It is now en route to Valerie. (I hope you like it!)

Below is a fort that the kids put together yesterday. I love how when I restrict their time on electronics that their imaginations go wild. They had lots of fun with this.

My sweet friend, Nichole, got me this Scentsy warmer for my birfday. It has musical notes all over it. She even included some pumpkin marshmallow scent bars to go with it. She's pretty awesome.

I went and ate lunch with my girls on Monday of this week. I like to surprise them and spend some special time with each child. 

The picture below if of Keith & I when we went to the clinic on base to do some adoption-related paperwork. As we exited one building to go to another, we were greeted with pouring rain. As we ran to the next building, Keith said it felt like we were going through a car wash! What a smart kid!

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Steph said...

What a trooper Anna was!! What a brave little girl! I remember having a couple of teeth pulled when I was little and it was no fun!!
Beautiful quilt!! I am super-impressed with the size...and you did it w/o help!! Wow!!
I love how you decorated by he secenty fun!! The space is cute and smells great, I am sure!
How fun for your girls to be surprised by their momma. I bet they loved it. What a great mom you are!!