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Monday, October 17, 2011

Doctor visit x3

I met with an endocrinologist today about getting back on metformin and my blurry vision. He said that metformin would help with my insulin resistance, weight loss, and regulation of menstrual cycles - mine are off. As for my blurry vision, he didn't think that the pituitary is causing it. He's not sure what is causing it, but said that it wouldn't be in his medical jurisdiction to know the answer. So back to my doctor I will go.

I practiced a duet today with Vanessa. She has such a lovely singing voice. It is nice to sing with someone who knows what they are doing AND is such a fun person. I look forward to singing a duet with her a week from Sunday.

Keith had his follow up visit with the GI specialist. All of the blood work results were normal. He now needs to have a barium enema done at the hospital. 

Anna met with therapist today. Dr S is great with Anna. He encourages me to continue to push Anna to do things that require getting out of her comfort zone. And Anna still likes going to see him. Although that could be because he gives the kids fruit snacks. ;)

Iryna has been regressing in some of her behaviors. She is now screaming, spitting, pulling hair, and the like. It is frustrating. I hope she can work through them and soon.

Tomorrow I report for jury duty. I am excited about it. I wonder if I will be chosen. 

We had FHE tonight on the storms of life. Tyler read a scripture about making sure our foundation is on Christ and that He will help us through our storms. 


Diana said...

Blurry vision can easily be related to high blood sugar. That's consistently how I know when mine is too vision goes really wonky.

Iryna: Read my post from today regarding Halloween and the posts from last year I linked to. It's a BIG deal for a lot of kids with trauma histories...far more than many give heed to. Could this be the case for her. She likely won't be able to tell you verbally if it is. But, her behavior is communicating something is very amiss and stressful in her world.

Good luck with jury duty!

Gary and Tina Bell said...

Wanted to chime in about your blurry vision. I have hypoglycemia and when my blood sugar gets out of wack is when my vision gets blurry.

Good luck with your adoption. Beautiful children.