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Wednesday, October 19, 2011

A mix of everything

Below are some pictures of Iryna and Anna playing in the living room. They asked for pictures and I didn't mind taking them. It's almost been 3 years since Iryna became Anna's sister and I love how close they have become.

Anna has been working on a cereal box/commercial for a school project. She read a book from the library and based the project on it. I was impressed by her creativity.

It's been 10 years since I've done anything color-wise with my hair, so I opted for some highlights today. I got blonde and red ones. I love the blonde, but next time I want the red to be lighter - so you can really see it. Overall I am pleased.

My first sewing project other than the quilts was this breastfeeding shield. 

The second was this carseat canopy. Both are for my sister, Rachel, who is expecting her daughter, Aurora, in November.

I got a phone call from a center in Jacksonville that handles FAS. They made an appointment for Iryna in late November. Recent behaviors such as picking and pinching her skin (see picture below) have become a real habit and I eager for their help with her and with helping us with it.

I went to jury duty yesterday! I was excited to go, but when I learned that I would be there ALL DAY LONG, I began to hope I would be released. At 11:30am I was! There was only one panel of jurors needed, so the majority of us went home early. I ended up sitting by another mormon lady - how cool is that? We talked about missions, places we've lived, etc. It certainly helped pass the time since I got there at 8am.

I'm thinking of Christmas presents - I truly enjoy picking out gifts for family and friends. The hardest part I have is choosing something that I want. Do you have a wish list? If so, what's on there?

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Sarah C said...

I love your hair! You look great! I am really impressed with your sewing skills. You are amazing.