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Sunday, October 09, 2011

Today was fast and testimony meeting (due to General Conference last week) and so we talked yesterday about what we were fasting for this month. Tyler fasted to bring the boys home from Russia before January; I fasted to bring them home before Christmas; Anna fasted that the adoption would go well. :) I was very impressed that she has been fasting for that same topic for months.

Anna also bore her testimony in Sacrament meeting today. She spoke clearly about the plan of happiness and I was and am so proud of her. Tyler also bore his testimony. It was a wonderful meeting.

We had FHE tonight and Anna taught us from her book that Tyler bought her about the plan of salvation. It is such a blessing to see her grow in the gospel of Jesus Christ. She is a special girl.

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Sarah C said...

Anna is so sweet. Your children are very blessed to have a wonderful big sister.
I really hope you are able to bring your boys home before Christmas.