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Friday, January 13, 2012

Eyes and Ears

Keith had his eye check up this week. I asked the opthamologist why Keith's eye twitch a lot. He said that it is something brain-related. He said there isn't any treatment for it yet, but a lot of research going on. The doctor also cleared up something else - why Keith lifts his head high up to look at you. He said that Keith has the most control over his eyes when he is looking down. Very interesting.

My ears have been bothering me for a few months. It seems as though I can hardly hear things that people say or movie/music, plus loud sounds hurt my ears. I decided to go in to the doctor and found out that I have ear infections in BOTH ears. I have been putting drops in for a few days and it feels so weird. I don't like it - makes me shudder every time a drop goes in. I am glad I addressed it with the doctor. They said I should stop using q-tips to clean out my ears. I can't help it - my ears just don't feel clean without q-tips.

Just a few days left until we leave for Russia. I am trying to clean house, organize items to pack, rearrange appointments, and enjoy every moment with my children. It's a lot to do and I feel overwhelmed trying to accomplish it all. Soon enough I will be on my way to Russia and what isn't done will just have to wait, I guess.

We had the missionaries and our good friend, Dave, over for dinner last night. It was Calvin's 5th birthday and so I wanted to celebrate with a big feast - even though he wasn't here to enjoy it with us. I baked a turkey, mashed potatoes, green beans, corn, and had strawberry shortcake for dessert. After dinner, the missionaries spoke with us about the importance of the Atonement of Jesus Christ. It was a wonderful thing to reflect upon in the midst of my current chaos of preparation.

Dave and the missionaries gave Tyler a priesthood blessing before they left. I felt the Holy Spirit so strongly. I am grateful for the priesthood of God on the earth. The blessing said that we would be safe in Russia and that our trip would be successful. I think it was Dave's first time giving a blessing and that was very special for all of us.

I finished reading the Book of Mormon two days ago. I started over again, as the Bishop has asked us to read it cover to cover in the first 100 days of the year. I am a bit behind, but hope to meet that deadline. I think having a lot of downtime in Russia will help. Speaking of Russia, once I leave next week I won't be blogging on here until I return sometime in February. If you want to follow our adoption journey, click on the "My Blogs" tab at the top of the blog or click here.


Rebecca said...

This is just a comment on reading the BoM. Elder Bednar spoke at our Stake Conference yesterday and challenged the stake to read the BoM and see how many times it said someone "waited upon the Lord". And to note the circumstances and how many righteous men had to wait upon the Lord. Just in case you need another reason to read!

I hope you get everything done before you leave, and that you have a fabulous trip!

Michele said...

Hello Jill... ear problems are tricky and I'm with you... i hate those drops. blecchy.. I get those eye twitches a lot but because I have epilepsy it does have a lot to do with the brain and also a side effect of the medication and it drives me insane! goes on for hours but affects the right side of my face as well... gets worse when you are overtired. so sleep and rest. ((Hugs)) Happy Valentine's day.♥