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Thursday, February 16, 2012

Sweet Moments

Last night I was home with the kids - Tyler was out running errands - and I was doing the whole bedtime routine on my own. When I told Iryna it was time for her bath, she flipped out as she didn't want to stop playing on the wii. I calmly went to the bathroom and got everything going. After she and Keith were in the bath - the water was still running - Iryna had her hands covering her ears to block out the loud sound of the water. I started playing around with the cup in the tub, pouring water over their heads in a silly way. Soon Iryna was smiling, uncovered her ears, and we went on to have a very pleasant bath time. Afterwards, I got her dressed and fixed her hair - all positive without any drama or meltdowns. There are so many examples of when Iryna loses her ability to control her impulses and me losing it instead of reacting in a good way - it was nice to have an experience to share of her sweetness and my ability to be the calm mama that she needs.


shannon said...

What a great job Jill! The power of silly never fails! What a good Mama!

Carina said...

This is a beautiful post. You're an amazing mother.

Sarah C said...

Great job Jill! You are wonderful.