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Tuesday, February 28, 2012

This and That

Things are stressful right now. We are gearing up for our third trip to Russia and we're having some paperwork issues...meaning that our homestudy will expire 4 days before we go to the Embassy in Moscow. 4 days. It will cost anywhere from $500+ to get it updated, not to mention that with our time frame it may not even be possible before we go back, which would mean we'd have to reschedule our flights, etc. UGHHHHHHHHHH!

Also, my best Florida friend, Nichole, has the audacity to move across the world to Thailand just because the Air Force is sending her family there. She leaves this weekend. We are having them over on Friday and it will be the. last. time. I know that it's a small world in the Air Force, but when you meet such people who are dear to you (and I've met such people at each base) you don't want for things to change. And yet, change is very much part of the military life. I will miss her. I only have 6 more months here, anyhow, and I have good friends who will be here, as well. So don't pity me too much. Okay, you can pity me some - because losing good friends stinks. And Facebook isn't the same as in person.

I am trying to clean my house. It is definitely a work in progress. Today I cleaned all three bathrooms - they are sparkling - and yet the rest of the house looks, well, not so sparkling. The kids are sleeping and Tyler is at softball. The last thing I want to do is clean house, youknowwhatImean? This is precious alone time - and I'm spending it here with you on my blog. Isn't that nice? I think so. I am hosting another Choffy Party at my house. In fact, I just created this video for a Choffy Challenge. What do you think? (ignore the mess - because I'm not in one of my clean bathrooms)

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Sarah C said...

I am sorry Nichole is moving. I know you will really miss her. I hope you have a wonderful night with her tonight. You are a great friend. It will be really hard to be far away from her. She is blessed that you are a loyal friend and you will stay in contact online. It is not the same as being together, but it will help you both with the hard times.