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Monday, March 12, 2012

Kid Bedrooms

In the past year, I have set out to decorate the bedrooms for my children. It may be a nesting thing because of the adoption or otherwise, but I wanted to share pictures of my creations. Please note, I made all of the quilts you see here, plus the curtains AND put fabric on the picture frames. You are welcome to "oo" and "ah". 

The girls wanted pink (Iryna's favorite color) and purple (Anna's favorite color). So I went with that theme. Over Christmas, I saw a white tree and they sold pink and purple ornaments. I thought it was adorable and matched their room so well, we left it up after Christmas. Also, yes, those picture frames are empty on their dresser. I have been waiting to take family pictures with Calvin and Silas and then put up individual pictures of the girls in it - and Iryna's outfit is a pink dress and Anna's is a purple dress. I love for things to match. :)




I like to have a picture of the temple and of Christ in every room. This picture of the temple just happens to have both pink and purple coloring.


I had originally wanted Anna's room to be patriotic several years ago, but, like most girls, that wasn't the most feminine theme. Now I have 3 boys and they don't get a say in the matter - I love red, white, and blue!

Again, empty frames...can't wait for those family pictures! And the I Am A Child Of God print was made by my sister-in-law, Tisha. They are for sale under the I AM A CHILD OF GOD tab at the top of the blog. There are several colors to choose from, and the girls have a pink one in their room. It's a great reminder for all of us.

I love the retro clock. Do you think it's high enough that Silas can't pull it down?

I am truly pleased with how the curtains turned out. I didn't use a pattern, just decided what I wanted and went after it. The blue box on the dresser holds diaper wipes that just happen to be in a red container. Overboard? I think not.

This is our family shooting star! My awesome friend, Valerie, made this for me as part of her fundraisers for her Bulgarian adoption. It has engagement pictures of Tyler and I and then each star is painted red (for girls) and blue (for boys) with their names on it. When/if we have more children, we can add more stars. Isn't it adorable? And it fits RIGHT in with the patriotic theme in the room.

I wanted to have themes that I could carry with us from house to house and I think these will work. What do you think? I'm not an interior designer, but I'm pleased with the results.


Courtney said...

I love love love the quilts! Great job decorating! :)

Carina said...

That is beautiful! I love it! You did a great job :)

Dirk and Trish said...

Love it! Themes, without being too cheesy. Since you focussed on colors instead of a character, it will grow with them. You could let them have princess or superhero, or whatever they like, pillows or posters without an expensive redo every time their favorites change. Well done.

Alabama Apples said...

I'm so impressed! Hooray for sewing all of that! Just thinking about it makes me shiver with fear. ;) I agree with Trish- the colors are timeless and can grow with the kiddies.

Sarah C said...

WOW!!! I am so impressed! You are amazing! That was a lot of work. It looks great!