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Saturday, March 31, 2012


 On March 10th, I drove up with Jena for TOFW in Orlando. This is my third Time Out For Women and I absolutely LOVE IT! I always feel super inspired and have plenty of ideas of things to work on afterwards. The music was uplifting and fun and the talks made me laugh and cry and want to be a better person. The theme this year is "Seek the Good".

How is it that 3 girls who were in OK in High School are now all living in FL? This is Sarah, Sariah, and I. We are all okies. 

Jena and I

Sariah and I

Sarah and I

Okay, so this is JUST for Nichole - these are the authors of your favorite BEST BITES COOKBOOK. Check out their blog here. They have some great recipes.

My cousin-in-law, Lana - what a fun surprise to see her there!

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Sarah C said...

That looks like to so much fun! You are beautiful!