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Saturday, April 14, 2012


This morning Calvin, Silas, and I went in to the urgent care nearby to be seen. I officially have pink eye (I know!) and both boys have runny noses and coughs. They are now taking an antibiotic and I have some eye drops. I am contagious, naturally, which is difficult for my kids and me. I love to show affection and I am having to reign myself in. Tomorrow I will keep the younger two home from church. Thank goodness for online talks on, so I can grow spiritually and build up my spiritual reservoir for the coming week.

Oxygen. A couple of people have asked about the boys needing oxygen to up their oxygen levels. They do not struggle in getting oxygen into their lungs through breathing, but rather the blood which leaves their hearts is oxygen poor.

Language. Calvin is saying the following English words and phrases: yummy, thank you, I love you, excuse me, excuse you, almost done, eat, sleep, time out, bath, and all the names of the immediate family members. He understands a lot of English directions, such as: sit on your bottom, wash hands and face, put on your seatbelt. Calvin is frequently asking me the words for various items. He's a little sponge and is soaking up English quickly. Silas calls everyone "mom" and doesn't seem to realize (yet) that I am his only mama. He mostly babbles sounds, but understands words and phrases such as: it's time to eat, sleep, sit down, drink, and I'm gonna get you! (as he runs a away laughing)

Behaviors: Calvin is very affectionate. Every hour he has come to me at least once for a hug or kiss or snuggle. Calvin is still jealous of Silas, but is doing a little better in not butting in between Silas and I or daddy and Silas. He goes to time out less often now and is SUCH a good worker. If there is a task to be done and he is able to do it - he doesn't complain and he works until it is completed. He is an extremely slow eater. Every meal is a battle. His favorite movie is Toy Story 2. Everyday during the week, he sees his older three siblings get on the bus and greets them after school with a big hug each. He has a lot of love to give to others. He is a very good boy. Silas is a typical two year old. He is in to everything! He just emptied Maggie's food bowl all over the floor. He is still obsessed with jeans and carrying them around as his comfort and sleeping with a pair at nap time and bedtime. He can be affectionate and prefers his daddy to his mama 100% of the time (sniff sniff). He makes everyone laugh by raising his eyebrows and literally everywhere I go I get compliments on how cute he is.

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Carina said...

I love reading about how things are going with your family. I can only imagine how crazy it must seem as you're integrating Calvin and Silas into the family--but it sounds like things are going quite well! There are bumps, sure...and I can imagine it's hard to have Silas be such a daddy's boy, and to have to restrain yourself while you're sick. Know that you are in my prayers and that I think about you and your family a lot, hoping that all is going well and the Lord continues to smile upon you and bless you. Love and miss you!