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Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Colorado no-go

We always thought we'd end up in Colorado. It's 7 hours from family in OK and a huge base. CO has four seasons and I already have friends there waiting for me to move there...Tyler planned to teach at the Air Force Academy. It has been his goal for some time now. He wanted to be sponsored by the Academy to attend AFIT here in OH. But, it wasn't meant to be. We met with Calvin's cardiologist and he said that we shouldn't move to CO because the high elevation would make Calvin's heart work harder. We realized right then that our current plan would have to be changed. And of course we're not upset about it - Calvin comes first - but now I don't have any idea of where we'll end up. I mean, I saw us potentially RETIRING in Colorado, so this does change more than just one station there. Tyler said there are other military schools he could teach at, so that will probably be our next goal.

We found out that we are moving to San Antonio, TX after Tyler finishes up school here. We are excited to be a little closer to family there and Tyler is hoping for a hurricane to come so he can drive to the gulf and have some waves to surf. I am not excited about the heat, but my Spanish will probably come in quite handy there. ;)

Another example of how a simple thing like brewing Choffy can change your day. Yesterday was ROUGH. I struggled with parenting my children with kindness. I lost my temper and didn't like the way I was acting. I realized last night that I hadn't had any Choffy yet, so I brewed some. I wondered if lack of Choffy had affected my mood. This morning I brewed Choffy bright and early and had a cup. My whole day has been better and my mood has been SO GOOD. I am so grateful for Choffy. To learn more, go to or post a comment if you want to try a FREE sample of this liquid gold.

Anna went in to see the doctor yesterday. I wanted to find out why she has such bad acne. The doctor said it was pre-puberty acne. He gave us some creams to try. I hope they help. She also has what I thought were skin tags on the back of her knee. Can you believe that they are a virus? So bizarre. And the last thing...Anna has developed a head jerk in the past year. It's a nervous tick and the doctor said it's due to stress. Poor baby. I know it's been hard to move to OH from FL (where she had such great friends) and now her Daddy is quite busy most of the time. He said it should eventually go away.

Anna is still not happy with having piano lessons, but it has been fun for me (as her current piano teacher) to see her potential and to demand encourage her to do her best. She busted out with some very innovative way of playing her scales yesterday and it was exciting to see. If only she would get over her pride of saying how she hates doing it and try to find the FUN in piano playing. Hopefully in time.

Iryna's hair is growing out, so I am able to do more with it. This morning I put it up into a beautiful bun and realized that she has been leaving her hair up during the day. This is a big victory for me as a parent, as she would always take it down during school when she became frustrated in FL. Now she comes home with her hair intact. I love it. Progress.
Keith is having problems with both his bowels and bladder. I don't know if he's just not paying attention or what, but it's been frustrating. He won't just streak his underwear, but get it everywhere. I got a call from the school yesterday to bring a change of clothes in. I am eager to have him seen by the GI specialist very soon.

I am still praying for an opening to come up at the Ronald McDonald House. I can call no earlier than one week before I would check in to see if there are openings. I hope there will be one.

Due to our moving ourselves, we have been able to pay off some debts, which has been glorious! We are now officially finished paying for the Ukrainian adoption! It took us 4 years. What a blessing to have that paid off. Now we hope to have our two old vehicles last until we move to San Antonio. God has blessed us so very much.
Tyler's parents came to visit us last week for Fall Break. We had a wonderful time with them. The kids were excited to show them their Halloween costumes. We were sad for them to leave. They also surprised us by signing up as Choffy distributors. They couldn't believe all the health benefits. :)

Our little pumpkin - his first Halloween!

Iryna LOVES Mario, so this was a perfect fit.

Silas the Pooh. So cute!

Keithy the dinosaur. He will even growl for you!

Anna is the cat's meow!

Pierce kids Halloween 2012

Grammy and Pa Pa wanted in on the action!


SweetNLow said...

Hi, my name is Rachel, and I want to try Choffy. I'm a recent LDS convert, and giving up coffee has honestly been the hardest part. I did a search for coffe alternatives and Choffy came up, but I can't afford to spend so much on something I might not like,so I dismissed it. Then later, reading Smiles and Trials directed me to your page and your offer. I would love to try some, if you could please email me at sweetgirlratgmaildotcom. Thank you.

Mama D’s Dozen said...

Popped over from Smiles & Trials. I would love to try some of your Choffy.

laurel@ajourneyoffaith dot com

mama of 12

kristine barr said...

I too, came here from Smiles and Trials. I too am LDS so this sounds like something I would like as well as adhering to the WOW. You can reach me at

Julie said...

I would love to try the Choffy. I love chocolate and try to stay away from caffienated coffee - this might be the trick. Smiles and Trials also sent me here. I can be reached at thanks