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Friday, October 19, 2012

So much to say!

So much to update in here! Calvin's heart surgery is on November 9th. I am hoping and praying to get a room in the Ronald McDonald House, but I have been told that it is booked most of the time. I pray that God will grant a room for me to stay in, as Calvin could be in the hospital for up to three weeks and I cannot afford a hotel room for that amount of time.
We met with Dr Connor, Calvin's pediatric cardiologist here and he said most likely Calvin will need a heart transplant in about 15 years. I am hopeful that when that time comes that he will find a heart that matches him. But above all, I know that Heavenly Father blessed Calvin with this trial and that He will help him overcome it in His way and in His timing.

We closed on our house last Friday! It is officially ours and we love it. I brought brewed Choffy to the closing and sold a bag to the lady representing the title company. That was fun. Choffy is so easy to share and most people are spending a ton of money on coffee which isn't good for you. Choffy is so healthy! I just heard that a woman I know started drinking Choffy and now she is off of her blood pressure medication! If you want a sample, leave a comment. I have really enjoyed being a Choffy distributor. It is such a fun company and I love the product. To order, learn more, or to become a Choffy distributor, go to

My children drinking their morning Choffy. They love it!

I got my vinyl Choffy sign for my van. I love it!

Today I took Keith in to be evaluated for Autism. His obsession with all-things-airplanes made me think he might be on that spectrum. After an hour and a half, Dr S said that Keith did not have autism, despite his obsessive tendency. We talked about him returning to PT, OT, and Speech, seeing a gastroenterologist, cardiologist (his records showed a bit of hyperactivity in one ventricle of his heart), neurologist (for his eye twitching), & opthamalogist. Dr S was highly complimentary of Keith about his social abilities. I couldn't help but become emotional seeing again how far Keith has come in the past 4 years. He is truly a different boy and I loved hearing him praised by this physician. I love my bugaboo! I will certainly be quite busy with all of these appointments, but it's my job to help Keith become the boy he was born to be and I feel honored to have him in my charge. I also enjoyed having some one-on-one time with Keith today. I like being able to focus only on him and make some good connections.

We made some Halloween cookies and went booing around the neighborhood. All the kids wanted to get in on the sprinkle action.

This picture sums up Iryna right now - wearing a mario shirt (she's currently obsessed with him) and putting together a puzzle (her favorite pastime).

I have been baking pies lately! Above are two cherry pies, below a blackberry pie, and I made an apple pie (Anna's favorite). I love being in the state of Ohio where it truly feels like fall, instead of wishing for fall weather in Florida.

Calvin snuggling with Daddy. He is adjusting quite well to our family, as is Silas. We are so blessed.

Piano practice - music to my ears!

We have been watching the Presidential debates! I mailed in my absentee ballot (FL) and am eager to see who wins this November. :)


Carina said...

Jill, your family is so blessed. I know things are hard but it just absolutely amazes me to see the Lord's hand in all things, especially when it comes to your family and your children. You are in our prayers, that's for sure. Love you!!!

Christine said...

Hi Jill, We were told the same thing about William by one doctor. Finally an autism specialist diagnosed him on the spectrum. As for the Choffey-- i would love to try some!

lori said...

Healthy chocolate, please let me try!

Jill said...

Christine and Lori, email me your addresses: jilldpierce at gmail dot com