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Sunday, July 07, 2013

First Annual Russell Reunion

I hosted the 1st Annual Russell Reunion this past week here in Ohio. It was tons of fun and everyone had a great time. There are SO MANY pictures, but here are some highlights from the week: temple trip, family pictures, lots of good food, playing, swimming, talking, FHE, games, movies, golf, train museum, eating out, and more talking. :)

Aunt Heather eating our beloved family recipe: Granny's Orange Cookies.

Best buds: Tyler and Uncle Yury

Rylee baby!

My mom and me

Aunt Shelbee & Aunt Rachel

Cookies all around!

Grandma and Aurora

A very blurry photo from the kids meeting Santa in July!

Riding the train!

There was a GROUPON deal for a nearby train museum. The kids & adults had a blast!

Aunt Rachel straightening Anna's hair. Just the beginning of Anna's transformation from a girl into a young woman.

My niece, Aurora!

Grandma reading about airplanes with Keith

Bike riding.

Grandma, Tyler, Aunt Shelbee

Uncle Evan & Aunt Shelbee introduced to us the bliss that is Hank's Root Beer. We had to make RB floats, of course.

Scripture reading time. It was so fun to read the scrippy's with all the cousins.

We went to the temple and did some temple work for our ancestors. Wonderful time!

We went to City Barbecue for lunch and Graeter's for dessert. SO delicious!

Uncle Tyler tickling Rylee

Sweet Oliver fell asleep on me! No complaints here!

Aurora wore her reunion t-shirt in a new style, off the shoulder. ;)

I decorated the light fixture for July 4th!

Grandma & Aurora

Iliana and Calvin were inseparable during the reunion. 

Uncle Evan surprised us all by flying out last minute! We were so happy to have some time with Uncle Evan!

Aunt Heather, Aunt Shelbee, & Aunt Rachel took Anna shopping to update her clothes. She was shy at first, but as you can see...became more confident as time went on. :D

Aurora, Auntie Jill, & Rylee

Uncle Tyler with Silas and Rylee

Grandma and Aunt Shelbee bought this for me as a THANK YOU gift for hosting the reunion. Don't you just love it?!

And we had some professional pictures taken by my friend, Leisy. Enjoy.

From left to right: Aurora, Rachel, Mom, Evan, Rylee, Shelbee, Iliana, Yury, Oliver, Heather, Anna, Me, Iryna, Silas, Tyler, Calvin & Keith.

It was SO VERY HARD to say goodbye to our family on Friday. We decided to sing FAMILIES CAN BE TOGETHER FOREVER before they left. I had to stop singing because the tears began flowing. Anna and I were depressed all day Friday and I was still weeping on Saturday. I do love being in the Air Force, but I miss being with my siblings and my mom. It is almost more than I can bear sometimes. But I am grateful that we are doing family reunions now and I cannot WAIT for the next one! I love my family so much and I am grateful for the new memories that we made this year. 

The kids crying at the window while everyone drives away. :*(

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