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Saturday, August 17, 2013

For your viewing pleasure

I am still sick. Feeling icky and trying to be a good wife and mama is tough. My patience is lacking and I am grateful for daily repentance and forgiveness. It doesn't help that Iryna's behaviors have been AWFUL the past week. I did have Silas evaluated and he was accepted into a special needs preschool class. I have been praying for this and am grateful for this answered prayer. All the school supplies have been purchased and the backpacks are ready to go. School starts soon and I am excited to be back on a schedule.

Some tomatoes that fell off our tomato plant.

Drinking Choffy with my good friend, Valerie, in her super cool Czech mugs.

Library time!

In one day I got a loaf of zucchini bread from Kathryn and three zucchini from Cindy! Woo-hoo!

I made homemade fish sticks and they were a HUGE hit!

Tyler wrestling with his three boys.

YouTube Video

Calvin is my crafty boy. He daily wants to color and cut and create.

Iryna enjoying some blueberry pavlova.

So, the doorknob to the basement has been having trouble. I asked Tyler to remove it. Imagine my surprise when he removed the entire door! I was expecting the doorknob to be gone! Ha ha.

My friend, Aiko, made this beautiful fruit basket that she brought over for dinner last week. Pretty AND delicious!

Silas missed his nap on Wednesday and fell asleep in my arms. This is heaven on earth!

Spinning around before scripture time.

And so, our beloved printer has died after 12 years of faithful service.

Red tomatoes from our tomato plants.

My dear friend, Amie, brought us dinner last night since I am still not feeling well with this virus. She brought potato soup, French bread, fruit, and brownies. So delicious! Thanks, Amie!

Since I got this virus on Monday, I have lost 10 pounds. Crazy! I am hopeful that when I am healthy again that I can keep most/all of that weight off. It gives me a new perspective in praying for help with weight loss. Ha ha.

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