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Saturday, August 31, 2013

Silas the kitty

Last FHE, Anna organized the kids to sing I AM A CHILD OF GOD while she accompanied them.

YouTube Video

I went to my first quarter auction and it was really fun! There was a lot of interest in Choffy.

My baskets of Choffy.

Teresa manning the table with free Choffy samples.

Our doTerra friends from church.

I hosted a playgroup in our pool on Friday. It was a beautiful day for it.

I have been showing Silas youtube videos of cats jumping into various boxes. This is him copying those behaviors.

YouTube Video

Silas loves to push his wagon around the pool. Not sure exactly why...

On Friday we had an early birthday lunch out - so fun and delicious!

Then we stopped at a bakery...

Key lime cupcake, lemon cheesecake square, and an eclair. So good!

Anna brought me a breakfast creation this morning: a tortilla with peanut butter and dry blueberry mini wheat cereal inside and warmed up in the microwave. It was grateful for her thoughtfulness and creativity!

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