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Saturday, September 28, 2013

Chocolate Festival

Today was the CHOCOLATE FESTIVAL! Tyler, Teresa, and I manned a table from 10am until 4:15pm. It was supposed to end at 5pm, but we sold out so we left early! It was a lot of fun and my feet definitely hurt, but it was worth it. There was a lot of interest in Choffy!

We went to Chick Fil-A for dinner a few nights ago. Look how grown up Anna is getting!

So, my hair is curly all of a sudden. I am not sure how it happened, but I am enjoying it!

Tyler has been weeding out our garden. He has made great strides in beautifying out yard!

Anna came home with this book and complained of a scene which chronicled the sister having sex in the river with her boyfriend. My daughter is in grade school, people. Why on EARTH would such a book be in a grade school elementary?! I was appalled. We spoke with the principal and she said she would remove it from the library.

We had an IEP meeting for both Keith and Iryna. Tyler and I were both surprised to hear that Keith has an ability in math. His teacher also said that she expected Keith to surpass Iryna in some areas. Tyler said that Keith has been holding out on us! Ha ha. Both he and Iryna are learning to read and it's fun to see that.


Sandee said...

Because school libraries have lots of books in them -- to engage children, to instill a love of reading in them. I went through a huge Stephen King phase when I was seven, thanks to the school library. (Months of begging resulted in my dad agreeing to sneak me into "Pet Sematary" in the theatre; my argument that having already read 400+ pages of gory horror novel, it was unlikely that 2 hrs of horror movie would further scar me finally prevailed).

Be sure to lock up your bible and keep your kids away from grownup church -- lest their little ears learn about rape, invest, slavery, torture, etc.

Anonymous said...

Oh Sandee, I respectfully disagree! My mother is an elementary school librarian and reads every single new book that is ordered before it hits the shelf!
There is a time and place for books like the one above, certainly not a public elementary school. As a parent, it is my job to explain sex to my kids.. Not a book. This is a perfect example if why children are having sex at an earlier and earlier age, they are being exposed to it at an earlier age. Who knows how lOng that book has been on the shelves and read by how many who didn't mention it to their parents. There is something wrong with that. Books romantacize sex and blur the feelings associated with it and an elementary aged child is not mature emotionally to decipher a lot of times what is real vs. fantasy.
Good for you Jill to make the principle aware!

Tereasa said...

I applaud you for being proactive in your child's choice of reading. There is enough crud going into young minds without our filter. Elementary is much too young to have sexual desires turned on. Being a trauma mama, I would expect you to be extra cautious. Way to go! And that chocolate? Sounds cool!