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Saturday, September 07, 2013

Fun with Legos

Things are settling into a rhythm around here. The kids are mostly accustomed to being back in school. Iryna *finally* seems to be over her crazy back to school anxiety. Is anyone else surprised that it is already September?! I have my fall decorations out, ready to decorate.
Anna surprised both Tyler and me a few days ago. Our timid, camera shy daughter announced that she was running for student council. She put together a long speech - it was supposed to be two or three sentences long, but hers was a full page of all her best ideas for improving the school - and she practiced with us a few times. She asked for a blessing and Tyler gave her one the night before the vote.
I was filled with all sorts of emotions that day, and prayed that Anna would be able to do her best. She came home and I knew that she hadn't won, based on her expression. She told me how the vote was between her and another girl. The end results were 13 to 12; Anna had lost by one vote. She seemed to handle it well enough, albeit disappointed. I was proud of her for trying. I hope she will run for student council next year.

I saw this quote and liked it.

Silas is *mowing* the yard with Daddy.

Iryna doesn't like the loud sound of the mower.

I had a Choffy Drop By at my house yesterday. I had people stopping by from 10am to 7:30pm. It was so fun sharing Choffy and recipes. I made Choffy Tiramisu and Choffy chocolate chip cookies and Choffy Cocoa Banana muffins. I love sharing Choffy with others.

I found Iryna's glasses in the play room. I get so frustrated by the destructivity that comes with FAS.

By the way, Choffy desk presses are on sale! Go to to order yours today!

I felt it was time to buy some Legos and let the kids play with them. I have fond memories of playing with Legos at my Grandma's house.

Silas still plays with the bigger blocks.

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