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Saturday, October 19, 2013

Halloween GNO Party

My second favorite holiday is Halloween. It is such a fun holiday to me. Maybe it's because I like orange and black and purple and white, but I like to go all-out when I decorate. Each year I hit up the stores the day after Halloween to add to my collection for the following year. When we lived in FL, I hosted a Halloween GNO Party two years in a row and I loved it! This year, after my friend, Teresa, said she wanted a Halloween GNO Party, I opted to host it. So glad I did. Check out the photos:

My party favors. I also make these for my children to take to their school parties. I found it here.

Katie brought these. How cute are they? Made with doughnuts. Love it.

Stuffed mushrooms - they were GONE.

I made this shrimp dip. So good. 

I also made these s'mores cookies

The spread.

Some decorations.

I printed these pictures from my computer and framed them in dollar store black frames. Easy.

My friend, Ercilia, brought these balloons that have lights inside of them. What will they come up with next?

Graveyard dirt. So cute and creative!

I also made crockpot apple cider with shrunken heads. I forgot to take a picture, so this is the one from the website where I found the recipe for the apples. The cider recipe I found here. The combination was fabulous! I also made this orange pineapple punch:

And I made Mallow Mint Choffy. It was fabulous! If you like Choffy and mint, you should make it!

Me, Margaret, Jenni, Kathy, Amy, Teresa, Christy, Julie, Ausra, Katie, Sherry, Alison, & Ercilia

We had three pirates this year!

Christy (my awesome neighbor) and Me

Makenna came over and she and Anna had their own little GNO downstairs. Aren't they cute?

Me and my super cool, Japanese friend, Aiko. It was her first Halloween Party! She's only been in the US for a few months. Isn't she adorable? I love her hat. :)

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