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Monday, March 10, 2014

House listing

 And so, last Thursday, it was time to take pictures of the house and list it online. I had done all most of the preparations for the house to be photographed, I figured that I would take Silas to the library and let Tyler handle the pictures. This ended up not being a good plan. The camera that the realtor used was having a problem with the lens, so all the pictures were blurry. Yeah. And he somehow missed that, too, when uploading them. In fact, I had a friend text me when she had found the listing online and commented on how blurry they were. Yeah...not good news. So, at that point, I decided to take pictures myself. Here are a few pictures:


Living room


Master bathroom

HUGE basement

I am really going to miss this house! We love it. The person who buys it is a lucky person indeed. We have already had one showing. My realtor sent me an app that schedules showings on my phone. I guess I shouldn't be surprised at how technology has advanced in this area, too...I hope we will have it sold before we move in the summer. Tyler is worried it will sell too soon and then we will have to figure out lodging in between moving. It is worth it if our house sells. 

Silas wanting some Choffy.

Calvin's nickname is "Squishy" from Monster's University. 

Tyler and I went on a date to the temple on Saturday. Some friends of ours were sealing their son to their family. Adoption is such a miracle in our lives.

Silas was invited to a birthday party! He wanted his hair spiked like his friend, Drew! Isn't he so cute?


Liisa said...

I can't believe how clean and uncluttered your house is with 5 kids! You are amazing!

Rebecca said...

I've forgotten where you live now. But there is a fb page- Mormon military members- that may be a good resource too. A lot of folks on there right now are getting orders and asking about their future homes. Alas, we are still in the wait and see phase and have no clue where we might be off to this summer. All we know is we'll be moving. Good luck! you house does look fabulous! I especially love your counter space in the kitchen.

Brian Q said...

It’s really hard to part with something that you’ve spent most of your special memories with. However, there are things that are not meant to last. That’s how I felt at the time me and my family decided to move. By the way, the house is gorgeous. I love everything about it. :)

Brian Quanstorm