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Friday, June 27, 2014

More photos

Having a great time with cousins and family. 
Uncle Coulter and Silas

Baby Florence - I hold her every day! It is heavenly. 

Aurora and Aunt Jill

Playing frisbee!

Bowling with cousins!

Lunch at Chick-Fil-A. 

I met three new nieces this trip!

Oliver, Iliana, and Aunt Jill

Playing on the jungle gym

Oliver and Silas at a train

Silas and JJ

Keith and JJ

Calvin eating cake. 

Opa and Iryna

Ashley, Alleigh, Jill, Jacob

Dad and me

Maamaw and Opa with grand kids 

Landon, Ashley, Alleigh, Jessica, Jacob, Suzanne, Brent, Jill

Anna with Maamaw and Opa

GNO lunch with Rachel, Shelbee, & Mom

Barkley snuggling up!

After a hard day of single parenting, Anna rubbed my feet. Such a sweet girl!

All six siblings together! Evan, Rachel, Heather, Jennifer, Jill, Coulter. 

Aunt Heather fixed Anna up!

Six siblings outside grandpa's house. It was built in 1902!

Grandma Russell and ALL of her grandchildren (so far!)

Aunt Heather took Anna shopping!

Estelle's blessing day!

Eskimo Joe's!

Rylee, Shelbee, Jill & Heather

Cousins! Iliana and Iryna, Oliver and Silas

Keith and Oliver rocking out!

Eskimo Joe's with the Mons Family!

Then we went to McDonalds. Melisa and Jill. 
Anna, Daven, & Jaden. 

Love my niece, Florence!

Estelle's blessing day!

Playing in the pool!



Silas and Aurora.

Uncle Alex with Florence. 

We have been looking at old slides. This is a picture of Grandma Marty with my mom, Kris. 

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Annie said...

Looks like some great memories! Fun to see you and your siblings all together. Special times!