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Sunday, May 10, 2015

Happy Mother's Day

I have been a mother for 14 years now. Motherhood has become more important to me with each passing year. I love being a mama to my kids. I love seeing them grow and improve. I feel sad when I imagine my kids growing up and moving away. 

Being a parent is a humbling experience. And I am not just talking about when your kids misbehave. 😏 I am talking about the huge responsibility to raise a child. 

I feel like I am more in the moment now. My kids are growing up and we can do more things together. I love that. 

Today at church, I kept tearing up when the speakers talked about the importance of motherhood. I feel very blessed to have the opportunity to patent five amazing kids. 

Me and my five fabulous kids before church. 

I found a pin on Pinterest that talked about writing letters to each of your kids for Mother's Day. I loved the idea! Here are my cards. 

For dinner, we had the elders over. I made a new recipe of orange chicken with rice that I found on Pinterest (professional picture below) and I made another Pinterest recipe of coconut tres leches cake trifle for dessert. 

This is my picture. It was delicious!

The kids got me some White Diamonds perfume and a mini Bluetooth speaker. 

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