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Friday, November 13, 2015

The latest around these parts

Tyler reading scripture stories to the kids.

I try to make Russian food from time-to-time and help the kids connect with their heritage. This was Sausage Blinchiki - crepes with cooked ground sausage and onions inside. They go quickly!

Nichole and I took Amie out for dinner at this super cook restaurant in Mount Vernon. So neat!

This is a common sight. Wherever I am, there Maggie goes to snuggle up. I love it!

Nichole and I went to get a pedicure. It was badly needed.

I am taking up a new hobby - knitting!

My pretty toes. I love having fun toes. It makes life fun.

In other news, Iryna was suspended from school on Tuesday. She was hurting the administration - which surprises me. She didn't hurt any of the other students in her class. They called me up to get her and had a letter suspending her for two days. I am trying to figure out what to do here.  This is her second suspension in one month and now it's two days. Suspension from school doesn't do anything to prevent this from happening again - as she struggles with impulse control, so she isn't able to think in the moment. I am trying to figure out what to do to prevent it from happening again - but Fetal Alcohol Syndrome is always there. Hmmmm.

Another conundrum: Calvin isn't eating his lunch at school. He eats half of his lunch and then hides the rest in his backpack. Yesterday, Tyler found several juice boxes, apples, string cheese, etc, in the trashcan in the garage. Everyday I ask Calvin if he ate his lunch - and he says he did. So now we are dealing with hiding, lying, and him not eating his food - which is a problem since he is already underweight. I am trying to get his 504 edited so we can get someone to literally sit with him during lunchtime and not let him leave until he finishes all of it. This is what we have to do at home with him already. It is frustrating - but I hope his school can help come up with a solution that works. You would think he would be hungry?!

We caved and put up our Christmas decorations. We have some traveling to do in December and I wanted to have enough time to enjoy the decorations this year. 

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Stephanie Continelli said...

Does Iryna have a one on one paraprofessional assigned to her? My son is high functioning autistic and struggles with impulse control as well. He has a 1:1 para and it has made a huge difference. Feel free to reach out to me if you need to chat or have any questions. I have battled the DOE for years. Sometimes our littles need a little bit of help navigating their day.