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Sunday, March 13, 2016

Chinese Branch

After spending February with a virus that swept through our family, I couldn't have been happier for March to arrive and bring some warmer temperatures to help us feel better. 

Iryna celebrating Dr Seuss' birthday as the lorax. 

We had a fun game night with my cousin, Sean, and his girlfriend, Roxy,  plus our neighbors, Matt and Lyndsey. 

This morning, I had the opportunity to take my friend, Jing, to a Chinese Branch and she had a marvelous time. She joined the church in Virginia, but it was in English instead of her native Chinese. Jing kept saying how she could really understand what they were all saying during each of the three hours. 

Then I came home and we went to our ward. So I got six hours of church, plus choir practice, too! I guess I am making up for missing four weeks in a row due to sickness. It was so nice to be back in church. I have missed it. 

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