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Friday, June 24, 2016

Welcome to summer!

It's always an adjustment when summer rolls around. It's been so busy, that I hadn't been able to blog the week prior to summer, so here we go!

I color analyzed Danee and Bonnie. It was SO FUN!

Silas' t-ball games are over now. This was his last game. He had a great season.

(She said it was too bright outside)

I made these again for the bus drivers. I think they are SO cute!

Calvin loved Cub Scout Day Camp this year. He came home with so much new knowledge to share with us. 

Keith met with the ophthalmologist.

Cleaning house for Grandma's visit!

Keith learning how to treat the American Flag at Scouts.

I love how devoted these two are to each other. They treat each other so well and that has been the case since they met 8 years ago in Mariupol, Ukraine. <3

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