Sunday, September 04, 2016

Philadelphia Temple Open House

Over the weekend, while we were in Pennsylvania for my Aunt Rhoda's funeral, it was during the Philadelphia Temple's Open House! So we drove there on our way home and went on a tour. My knee was in a lot of pain, as I had been walking much more than usual during our trip. I was thankful that they had wheelchairs available, so that I could still go on the tour! We had a lovely time. It is a stunningly beautiful temple!

Waiting for our tour to begin. 

Sitting outside the temple. 

I so love this man!

We love being at the temple!

Anna and I waiting for Daddy to pull the ban up to get us. Anna was wearing her super high heels and almost fell twice!

If you are near Pennsylvania, I recommend attending this open house. I believe the last day to attend is September 9th. It isn't open on Sundays. The tours are free! Here is a website with more information:

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Anonymous said...

You have mentioned before that Anna is shy and doesn't like having her pictures taken. Why do you insist on including her in most of the pics you post? It's ok to have only one pic of her at certain events in different periods. Heavenly Father would want you to show her you hear what she's saying and respect her feelings about things when it's appropriate such as in this case. She may grow up to resent you for ignoring her feelings.