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Sunday, January 29, 2017

Γεια σας από την Ελλάδα! (Hello from Greece!)

Last meal in Dobrich: pizza, breaded yellow cheese, shopska salad, and chicken soup. 


After Tyler and I finished visiting each of our children in Bulgaria, we decided to drive down to Greece for a couple of days. We stayed at Hotel Favorit in Burgas, Bulgaria, on the way down. 



Little blue fish from the Black Sea. 

Steamed broccoli. 

Crepes with Nutella for breakfast. 

Some of the roads in Bulgaria looked like this. 

Many backyards have small vineyards up on a trellis. 

Fancy resorts by the Black Sea. 

We saw so many beautiful views on this drive!

Last night we drove to Thessaloniki and stayed in a fabulous hotel, called Prestige, which is a little outside the inner city area. 

The service here has been incredible. After we went up to our room, exhausted from the drive, Sofia (the receptionist) came up with some hot chocolate for us and helped us decide what Greek takeout to order, then she ordered it for us and brought it up. 


So many choices!

 The pork gyro was amazing!

This morning, we received another tray of hot chocolate and then some Greek pies with cream. I could get used to this!

Greek pies with cream, cinnamon, and sugar. 

View from our balcony. 

We stayed in the building on the right. 

Front of the hotel. 

This card makes all the lights come on. 

Now we are off to church!

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