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Wednesday, September 20, 2017

First Dance

My three new teenagers are very picture-oriented, so the majority of my camera roll includes photos of them. Often these photos are taken by them of each other! If I could get paid a nickel for every selfie that I have of Michael, I would be a very wealthy woman. Ha ha. 

Michael enjoys handstands! Unfortunately, he did a handstand at the beach and hurt his wrist. 

Sweet notes from my Bulgarian girl! She writes them to me while at school. 

Love my Sarah!

More handstands...

A head cold hit our family a week after school began. Anna, Sarah, Michael, Keith, and I were all affected. We made some fresh juice to help us recover.

Guess who John wants to be for Halloween?

Tyler took Michael and John to the beach on Saturday. I was concerned about Michael, as he had a bad cold. When I saw this picture of him sleeping on the beach, I wasn't surprised. He was exhausted!

Saturday night was the first dance since the triplets came home. John and Sarah went with Anna and had a wonderful time. I am thrilled with how kind everyone was to them, and in helping them feel included. Michael was sick, so he stayed home. 

John's first dance with a girl! He was SO nervous. 

John watching the kids dance. I'm thankful to Cami for taking the pictures for me so I could see what was going on!

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