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Friday, February 23, 2018

First surgery for Michael

Michael has had nosebleeds for as long as he can remember. I took him in to see the ENT and he has a very large blood vessel in his nose that was causing the nosebleeds. The blood vessel was so large that they couldn't cauterize it in the office, so his first surgery was scheduled!

One of the many nosebleeds that Michael had. It was scary how many nosebleeds he would have.

Pre-surgery selfie in the bathroom. 

Posing pre-surgery. He was very nervous about the IV being put in. He had been fasting and couldn't eat anything. Well, whenever he gets a shot or anything with needles, it makes him sick to his stomach and we give him something sweet to help. Unfortunately, I couldn't give him ANYTHING because he had to be fasting for the surgery. This made him very upset and he began breathing very quickly. The nurse was afraid he would pass out. I tried to comfort him the best that I could, but it was obvious that he did NOT like having an IV put in. Of course, who does??

Post surgery. He was supposed to be awake 30 minutes afterwards, but he wasn't waking up - so the nurse asked me to help wake him up. 

Afterwards, he was starving. I bought him a large pizza and he ate the entire thing!

Conclusion: no more nosebleeds! And Michael is eager to NOT have any more surgeries anytime soon. 

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