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Wednesday, October 18, 2006

No Rest For The Busy??

We got up and went to the consignment shop to sell some items, then to the library to pick up some books/cds/movies, then went to my friend's house to practice for the stake classical recital (she was busy, too, so we didn't get to practice), then I fed Anna lunch and put her on the bus after my visiting teacher arrived. She stayed and we chatted for about an hour & a half, and then I had to get dinner going. I made the "Party Beef Casserole," which takes about 2 1/2 hours to make, but it is so yummy it's worth it! Then I made wheat rolls and for dessert I made Apple Dumplings! It was a very filling meal! We had the elders over and Tyler invited a friend from work. We ate and then had a nice religious discussion afterwards. He is interested in meeting again, which is exciting. He lives in Bellbrook which means that if the missionaries teach him--it will have to be the elders from that area. Oh well, as long as he gets to hear about the gospel it doesn't matter who does it, right? After they all left we had scriptures and put Anna to bed. We're going to Nauvoo, IL, tomorrow and won't be back until Sunday. I won't be posting on here until then, so for all of my devoted readers---know that I will be back on sunday to share all the wonderful experiences that I'll have in Nauvoo. This is my 4th visit to Nauvoo, I really enjoy all the church sites. That's it for today, I have some packing to do! Until we meet again! :)

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Melisa said...

Well now, you are a busy woman! I hope you have a wonderful vacation! I'll miss checking in on how you are doing. But I suppose a couple days wait won't kill me, eh?