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Tuesday, November 21, 2006


I woke up before 7am and made Tyler a nice breakfast of bacon, eggs, and fresh hash browns. Then I went on a 20 minute walk and arrived home as he was leaving to go take the GMAT. (Graduate Masters Exam...not sure on what the letters really mean-what he has to take previous to being accepted into a Masters program) Anyhow, 4 hours later he was done and his score is 720 out of 800. Yeah, 2/3 of all who take the GMAT score between 400-600. Tyler's in the 96%. Nice, eh? Of course, he's frustrated because he thinks he could have done better...

Anna still has a cough, but it was worse today and she had a fever this morning, so I kept her home from school. She was SO upset. To make things more worse, the bus came by to get her-even though I had called the bus barn this morning saying she wouldn't be going. She kept telling me how much better she was feeling and that she still wanted to go to school. Poor girl. I think she'll be going back tomorrow...if not for her sake, then for mine! ;)

I did quite a bit of organizing today, mainly in the kitchen cabinets. They weren't being used in the most efficient manner, and we can't have that now can we? Anna & I made s'mores cookies. They're fun to make because it's a typical chocolate chip cookie but with graham cracker crumbs in it. After they're done cooking and have cooled, you put one cookie on a plate and put one large marshmallow on it and mic it for 10 seconds, until it's puffed, and then immediately put another cookie on top...VOILA! S'mores cookie! I'm sure you were wanting to know how to make them...right?

We went to Target to look for a pot rack, but alas, they only carry them online and in super Targets, which ours is not. :( Then I went to the Craft & Chat. I'm ready for bed...tomorrow will be busy!

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Melisa said...

Congrats to Tyler! Oh the joys of school. Yuck.

I want a cookie now. Thanks a lot! ;)