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Thursday, November 09, 2006

Boo-Hoo Day

Today was pretty odd for me. I woke up and did my liver cleanse eating--fat free foods only until 2pm and then stop all eating & drinking. DO NOT CONTINUE READING IF YOU DON'T LIKE GORY DETAILS--JUMP DOWN TO THE ***** BELOW. I took a shower and was talking with Anna as I readied myself for the day. I brushed my teeth and then Anna said that I had made a mess. I looked on the floor and there was a drop of blood. Puzzled I looked at my inner thighs and they were covered with blood. Shocked, I immediately got back in the shower and wondered at how my period had suddenly come and made such a big mess. After the shower I went to the restroom and there was more blood coming out. At this point I was pretty worried that something was wrong because it wasn't coming from the vagina. YIKES! I called Tyler and he rushed home to see what was going on. After examination, I had a small sore that had begun to bleed...all over me. Isn't that wild? I'm surprised how such a small thing could make such a mess and worry me! Anyhow, there hasn't been any blood since and I seem to be okay now.

*****I made Anna some nachos for lunch and then Anna & I took a quick trip to the store to buy a few items, then came home and just spent time together until she left for the bus. She's such a sweet girl. :)

Then I read my scriptures and prayed about my weight loss plan. I didn't feel anything regarding it. I decided to finish the rest of Sense and Sensibility. Partway through the movie, I started crying...then eyes were puffy when it was over. What is wrong with me?? I couldn't figure it out...perhaps from the experience earlier? I wasn't sure...for the rest of the day I was a walking kleenex box. Tyler came home and did his best to comfort me. He convinced me that I shouldn't continue with the cleanse because I wasn't feeling well. Thank goodness for husbands! I felt better when I ate dinner and spent some time with him. He thought that perhaps the adversary was giving me a hard time because something big was about to happen.

We met with a member of the Stake Presidency this evening at the church. He issued Tyler the calling of Ward Clerk. BINGO! That's not a small calling, perhaps Satan was trying to discourage me beforehand. Any similar experiences out there???? Well, we're very excited about Tyler's calling. I just hope all this emotional crying will not continue tomorrow, my eyes need a break! :)

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Melisa said...

How traumatic! I'm glad it is nothing serious. Or is it? Are you going to get it checked out?

What a neat calling to get! I'll bet he is excited!

Have a great day!