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Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Chicken Stew

This morning Anna & I played Noah's Rainbow Race and just chatted. After Anna went to school, I mailed another purchase and practiced a song with Angela. I dropped off an application at a local charter school. We'll see if Anna will be accepted or not. It looks like a good opportunity and we feel really good about it.

I walked today and then made some oatmeal cookies. I'm sure those cookies may have cancelled out any good the walk did...what do you think?? Well, the cookies had TONS of oatmeal and didn't have any granulated sugar in them...yeah, I know, I can rationalize all I want...they're still cookies!

My mom has a fun book called "Chicken Stew" that she read to Anna while we were in Oklahoma. My mom does all sorts of fun "voices" while she reads the book. Last night Anna called my mom so she could read it to her. Anna asked if she could call again tonight and hear it again. So tonight when Anna called to hear the story, she said..."Grandma Hatch, I can't really see the book." So precious! She then said that Grandma Hatch should send her a copy so Anna can read along while she reads it. What a sweet moment that was! :)

Thanks for all the support you've given me over the audition results yesterday. It was a really difficult experience for me, but I'm pressing forward! Love you all!

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Melisa said...

MMmmm, oatmeal cookies.... Those are healthy, right?