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Sunday, November 26, 2006

Jill On Parade

Yesterday I wasn't able to post, but it's just as well. It wasn't a very productive day and for some reason, Tyler & I weren't in a very upbeat mood. We think that Satan was working on us because we gave talks today.

Today I went to ward choir practice. Then I started leading the music today as the chorister. Then I gave a talk, followed by singing a musical number. 2 days ago, we were invited to say the opening/closing prayers...but after they heard how much we were already doing today, they said they'd contact someone else. It was my day on parade! And it went really well...I had one man say that he felt the Spirit stronger today than he had felt in Sacrament in a LONG TIME. I actually enjoyed talking in church, I tried to have the Spirit with me and be positive about the whole experience, and I think it was a success. Tyler also gave a wonderful talk, he's so good at organizing his thoughts, I'm much more scatter-brained!

After church, I invited over two new sisters in our ward, who just came from Los Angeles, CA and are originally from Mexico. They are long-time members of the church. It was a mom and daughter. I was so impressed with them and their dedication to missionary work. Their goal is to bring enough spanish speaking people into the church, so they can start a spanish branch here--since there isn't one already. I am glad that I was able to get to know them better.

Tyler was sustained as the ward clerk. He is now at the church receiving training in his new calling. I am excited for him--I know that he will do well in this calling, because he is such a dedicated person. He's eager to learn about how the ward functions.

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Melisa said...

Wow, it WAS Jill day! I'm glad it was so successful!

Tyler is going to be one busy boy with his calling! He will probably love it!