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Saturday, November 04, 2006


This morning Anna went to play at Sariah's house while Tyler & I headed to Kettering for a doctor's appointment for a semen analysis. We hope to receive the results soon. This is our first task in the infertility journey. It's less expensive and easier to fix the problem if it is with the man. However, with our fantastic military insurance, it is not costing us anything. :)

Afterwards we picked up Anna and took her on-base for her shots that are required to be in school in Ohio. She had to have 5 shots, all in her thighs. Poor little girl. One of the shots was supposed to really hurt, according to the nurse. After the first one, I think all the people in the waiting area were scared to follow us. Anna wailed like you would not believe. I felt so bad for her. I don't blame her for crying, who wants 5 needles sticking in your thighs?? Not me! Tyler was there so he could help hold her down. I couldn't watch. After that we took her to have a chest x-ray. (everything is on-base in the same hospital-very convenient). She has to have a chest x-ray before she meets with the pediatric cardiologist next month. Anna had a heart murmur and we have to have it checked on every year. I hope that the hole has closed in her heart, otherwise--I have been told by her previous pediatric cardiologist--she will have to have surgery on it. I'm hoping that everything will be closed up. :)

At 6pm, Leia & her mom, Sarah, came over for our girls night/sleepover. Tyler went to their house to play games with Gary. Leia & Anna had a great time playing dress up, puzzles, watching videos, and dancing. They went to sleep around 9pm. Shannon came over and we three ladies watched part of "WIVES AND DAUGHTERS," an english saga. We watched the first of 3 dvds. I'm hooked on it and hope to finish it up tomorrow. It was really nice to have some girl time. :) This is Anna's first sleepover, the same for Leia. They are so cute together.

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