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Thursday, November 02, 2006


This morning we were all up and about at 7am. It was really nice because Tyler didn't need to get into work until 9am, so we had some family time. He actually got off to work late, so he said we wouldn't get to play racquetball today. :( That is why I don't have a weight for you today...because I didn't get to weigh today. Perhaps next week...

During my "women's" exam yesterday, the nurse told me to begin doing the basil temperature in the morning. I've done this before a couple of years ago. I have a low temperature--it's a low thyroid thing. For example, my temperature this morning was 96.3. That's a typical temp for me. I hope it won't prevent us from having more kids.

Since we didn't play racquetball today, I went on a walk. The high today was 39 degrees, so I bundled up tight and set out on my walk. Halfway through, I wondered what I was thinking when I put on so many layers. When I returned home, I was really sweating!

I could have worked on the C2 room today, but did laundry instead. I really do want to finish the C2 room, but today just didn't work out. Hopefully soon it will.

I went to a craft/scrapbooking class tonight. I made some cute cards. Tomorrow will be another early morning, so I need my sleep. Until tomorrow...


Melisa said...

Man, that sounds chilly. I'm so impressed you went out in that weather. I think I'd just wimp out. I'm inspired by you!

Anonymous said...

And what, exactly, have been your low temperatures? Maybe I'd rather not know, I might never want to visit east of the Mississippi again. On the other hand, the mountains around Tahoe got snow last night. I wonder how long it is until the snows there stay for the rest of the season. Hot cider and hot cocoa are sounding good just thinking about the cold weather. I think I'll have some tonight.