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Sunday, November 12, 2006

Temple Trip

We dropped Anna off at the Lawson's house and headed to the temple. We haven't been to the temple as a couple in about a year. On the way there, Satan was really working hard on us. We recognized it and were able to enjoy the hour drive to the Columbus Temple. It was my first time being there. It's a mini Temple like the OKC one. We were on stand by and both got in the session. It was marvelous being there. We felt such wonderful peace-something we both really needed.

Tyler has been working on the kitchen appliances since we came home. Poor guy, he's learning as he goes, but it's a bit slow-going. It's midnight and he's downstairs working hard. I hope he can figure out all the electrical/plumbing stuff.

I guess that's my day...I hope I can get to sleep soon, I have choir practice early in the morning.

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Melisa said...

Yeah, it has been awhile since I have gone to the temple (not counting my brother's wedding). Brad got to go when he was out of town. It will probably be awhile until we can go together because once Calet comes it would be hard to leave her for 6 or so hours at a time. Heavy sigh.