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Thursday, December 14, 2006

Christmas Letters

Today I slept in a bit, then spent some time with Anna before she headed off to school. She is such a sweet little girl.

My VT (visiting teacher) stopped by and visited me for a while. Her companion hasn't come with her to see me yet. I'm so glad that I have a great VT companion! She left me some goodies and a gingerbread candle--it smells as good as it sounds!

I spent the rest of the time that Anna was in school working on the procrastinated CHRISTMAS LETTERS!!! I'm over half-way done, which is good. There are always some addresses that I misplaced or some other mishap occuring...but that is how it goes, right?

**********FEMALE VENTING---DO NOT CONTINUE READING UNLESS YOU ARE COMFORTABLE WITH "FEMALE STUFF." IF THIS MEANS YOU, PICK UP READING AFTER THIS LINE: --------**********So anyhow. I'm going on clomid this cycle. Clomid is a prescription that helps a female ovulate. When an overweight woman, like myself, is having trouble with fertility--it is common that ovulation is the missing factor. SO! I have this handy-dandy directions sheet on what to do this cycle. On CD1 (first day of period) I'm supposed to call in the office and tell them that my period has started and then I'm supposed to go in on CD3 for bloodwork, begin clomid on CD5 and take through CD9, then on CD10 I will go in for more bloodwork--to determine if I ovulated or not. Sounds like a good plan, right? But wouldn't you know that my body decides to do something peculiar this month. This past sunday morning, about 4am, my period begins. This is a surprise to me because it was 1 day shy of 4 weeks since my last period began. I usually have a 4 1/2-5 week cycle, so this was one day less than 4 weeks. Odd. So, the next day, monday, I call the office to say that my period began yesterday, blah, blah, blah. However, I mentioned that after that early morning bleeding, I hadn't bled all day sunday or on monday up until I made that phone call. The nurse said it sounded like my period HAD begun, so I continue on with THE PLAN. Okay, well I've been wearing feminine products since monday. NO BLOOD SINCE SUNDAY. Today I had a bit of lovely brown discharge, but other than that-NOTHING. So I'm supposed to start clomid tomorrow, but I'm not completely convinced that I'm on my period. We took 2 home pregnancy tests yesterday--just to see if we happened to be pregnant already--but they were negative. So, I guess I'm just confused as to what my body is doing and why it's doing this now that I actually have A PLAN to help us this cycle. *heavy deep sigh*
So, we had our HT (home teachers) over this evening. They are really nice-it's a father/son duo. After they gave a wonderful lesson and left, we ran some errands. We bought Tyler a table saw and we bought me a garage door opener thingy. I hope it won't be too much work to install for Tyler. We shall see. I'm ready for bed, I really need to sleep earlier than I have been getting to bed.


Anonymous said...


Just so you know, men's bodies do weird things too. Peculiar things too, like, um, thinking with the organ inside the skull (I think Tyler might suffer incurably from this one, to your benefit), or periodic (no pun intended) bouts of atypically (for men) over-emotionality, which I happen to be afflicted with. There's also the one where the stomach gets all rumbly and derails both of the aforementioned issues, which appears to happen in 4-5 hour cycles, and yet curiously no one seems to have any idea what it is or why it happens ;)

All of this is, of course, to sympathize with you.

Please see your email, as I realize that this has become more personal and direct than I want to be publicly available...


Anonymous said...

Awww KC, don't leave me out! ;o)