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Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Getting Ready For Christmas

Today I slept in. I was up until 1am last night cleaning...and had gotten up at 6am yesterday morning. Yeah, I got to sleep in today. I mixed up some meatballs, baked them and then put them in the freezer--a little trick Sister Homer taught me when you have a party coming up so you have less to do that day. :)

Anna had a Christmas party at school today, so Tyler came home from work so he & I could go together. It was really nice and we were the only set of parents who came. Santa Claus paid a visit and even complimented Tyler (since he was in uniform) how grateful he is that Tyler is serving our country. :) Anna just LOVED that we came to our party. This evening she said to me: Mom, I'm so proud of you for coming to my Christmas party today. Isn't she sweet?? The party ended about 45 minutes before school let out so we asked Anna if she wanted to keep playing and then ride home on the bus or come home with us. She didn't really answer Tyler and just kept playing-so we left. When she got off the bus, she was in tears saying she had changed her mind and wanted to go home with us. Pretty pitiful...she decided that next time she will say yes when we ask if she wants to come home with us. :)

We are cleaning like crazy trying to get our house in perfect working order--or something really close to perfect anyhow. We want everything to be just right for our first Christmas here in Ohio. We got our dryer & washer completely installed and are currently running our first load on it--this is an exciting moment in time. :)

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