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Tuesday, December 19, 2006


This morning I woke up around 6am...went the restroom and then back to least I assumed that I would sleep some more. I guess my body had other ideas, I was wide awake. So I got up and got ready to shower. Tyler advised me that I really should go back to bed...but I was "awake." So I readied myself for the day, had breakfast, checked email, and made birthday invitations for Anna's birthday party-which turned out really cute, I must say! Around 9am I figured that I should wake up Anna. So I got her dressed and fed her breakfast and then we set off to invite some of her friends to her birthday party. Then we went to get some gas, went to the bowling alley on-base to reserve Anna's party date/time/etc...then we went to the commissary. And this was all before 1pm. Yeah, today has been productive!!! :) I took Anna to school--which she has been wanting me to do--then I prepared some dinner for my family along with putting groceries away. When Anna came home from school we dropped off two more birthday invitations. Tyler was home when we finished up and we spent a bit of time together before I met my friend Angela for a pedicure. Wow, it was SOOOOO nice. I was there for an hour & a half! Those massage chairs are divine....perhaps I should invest in one for myself? After the pedicure, I shopped at wal-mart and then headed home to bake some mint cookies for Anna's Christmas party at her school tomorrow. We read scriptures and now Anna is in the bath. I need to get her to bed earlier....

So we are quite busy here at the Pierce home. We have a LOT to do before Christmas getting up early today certainly did help me accomplish so many things. It's interesting how you can do more things if you get up early in the day versus staying up least that's how it is with me.

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