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Sunday, December 03, 2006

Girls Just Want To Have Fun

This morning, I dragged myself out of bed and in the shower. My friend, Emily, dropped off her 2 girls while she & her husband went to the temple. Her girls are sweet and they had a great time with Anna. They played dress-up, watched some princess movies, ate pancakes, and just had a ball. Oh to be a 4 year-old where your only difficult decisions revolve around if you want to dress-up as Jasmine or Cinderella...:)

Today Tyler cleaned out the garage and organized it. It is such an improvement! We hope to get rid of some things so we can park the car in the garage. Of course, we're hoping to get a garage door opener too...

I listed several items on ebay. 25 items to be precise. I hope they will sell, we could really use the money. I am thrilled to report that last month with all my sales on and selling items at the consignment shop--I made $500 for our family! WAHOO! It feels so good to know that I am helping out in some way in earning money...of course, I definitely help out in the area of spending the money. ha ha ha!

We went to play games at Shannon's house. It was really fun. It feels good to be more social with other people. :) Shereena called me at 11pm asking if I had any medicine that I could bring over. I took her some nyquil, cough drops, and some advil cold pills. I felt bad because she is sick, but I feel like the dependence on me has already begun. I'm going to pray and see what Heavenly Father would have me do. He knows what we all need.

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