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Tuesday, December 26, 2006


One would think that after receiving 23 presents that they would be quite busy the day after Christmas...and not need much supervision. However, Anna wanted 100% of my attention today, which I found a bit difficult to give. I felt drained from preparing everything for Christmas and wanted to relax today, but Anna had other plans. I did a little cross stitching, did some dishes (by hand, grrr!) and then warmed up some dinner and prepared some packages for mailing. The one thing that I wanted to do today was work on the C2 room. Around 6:30pm, I finally got to do that. Wahoo! It is now organized and it feels so good! I am working to completely organize my music--so I will know what I have. That project will be taken on tomorrow. That's my day...I took a brief nap when Tyler came home from work--yes, he had to work the day after Christmas. However, he had taken off wednesday & thursday of this week, because my Dad & family were going to come visit, so we'll get some time together those days, which should be really nice. I think he has desires to get the garage door opener installed, which I am definitely NOT opposed to! Also, he called the dishwasher people and they're coming by on thursday to look at it. Until then, break out the dishwashing gloves...or perhaps, break out the paper products??? ha ha!

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