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Thursday, December 28, 2006

Back To Normal

Today began a bit slow, and gradually picked up the pace...until now all the Christmas decorations are taken down and the house looks "normal." It's such a great feeling to see everything "in it's place."

I am organizing my choral/vocal/piano music in the C2 room. I am cataloging (spelling?) them in my small filing cabinet. It will be a great feat when it is all done...I wanted it to be DONE today, but alas, it didn't happen-although other things were accomplished, so I needn't be upset.

WOMAN UPDATE. I won't give any more disclaimers to my readers...fertility is a HUGE part of my life and I plan to post about it often. So, wouldn't you know it--my period began today. Yeah, it began 2 1/2 weeks after my LAST period began. My very knowledgable friend, Kristina, said that it sounds like I am NOT OVULATING. And this month I used my first ovulation prediction kit--guess what, I didn't ovulate. To become pregnant you MUST OVULATE!!! So, I think there is some room for improvement here, like releasing the EGG so it can be fertilized. Yeah, I hope we get that going. I only hope we can do it without using birth control pills. They normally use those to get everything on a system and then after 3 months begin using clomid again. I hope I can just use clomid. We shall see.

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