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Sunday, January 14, 2007

Back In The Saddle

Today Anna & I went to the church early to get everything set up for choir practice. We had a large attendance of 20 people come and it was wonderful. I have discovered that I greatly enjoy conducting the ward choir. I'm not a gifted or talented conductor, per se, I just enjoy choosing the music and when the members enjoy singing the music. It felt nice to be leading the choir again. Of course, this is a temporary thing, but I am enjoying it for now. I am thinking to try and do the Cantata "From Cumorah's Hill" here in the fall. There are enough talented singers in this ward-who can read music-and that is a wonderful cantata. :) I'm also planning a ward classical recital this coming May.

After church, I mixed up some dinner and then took a short nap before finishing it up. We took dinner over to Jessica's house and had dinner there. Anna enjoyed playing with the kids while the adults played scrabble and chatted. It was a nice evening.

Tomorrow is a holiday-no school for Anna and no work for Tyler-so that will be fun! :) I have TONS of eBay items to package up and prepare to ship out on tuesday.

I guess it's funny that I have been writing recently that I need some time alone-yet we have been doing some activities with other couples. That would be seem odd, eh? All that I can say is that I need time alone. And one main reason that we are social is so that Anna will have kids to play I like to be social, and Tyler does too. (it's interesting how you rub off on your spouse, Tyler was ANYTHING but very social when we were first married) :)

Tyler & I watched an IL DIVO dvd that he gave me for Christmas. The music they sing is SO wonderful! It was nice to snuggle up with my honey bunny and listen to the music as I cross stitched...this is the life!

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